Benefits of Partnership

Here are some life-changing benefits of church membership

Family & Friends 

New relationships are developed as a result of church membership. You may already have a close-knit family; having an extended family will only enrich your life. 

Love & Acceptance

The church is the best place for those who feel like they never quite fit anywhere else. Jesus welcomed with open arms those who had been rejected. We follow His example. 

Belonging & Community 

Belonging to a church body provides interactions with other people and creates a social community. That social community could become your support system. 

Opportunity To Make a Difference 

We believe in serving. We serve one another and we serve our community through a number of outreach opportunities. These are opportunities to reinforce the Christian call
to help other people. 

Personal Development 

We are all on a journey of personal, spiritual and ethical development. Through classes, volunteering, tribes and service gatherings, there is much opportunity to be challenged and developed into the leader God has called you to become. 


Our Christian life cannot be lived independent of other Christians. We need one another.